Building upon the relationships established during the transition process, Year 7 students become active participants in a curriculum designed to foster and promote our core values of Respect, Responsibility, Relationships and Teamwork.


A strong emphasis is placed on strengthening literacy and numeracy skills.

We encourage students to develop a wider appreciation of a variety of subject areas.


Year 7 students are required to own a notebook computer which will be used daily within each subject area and throughout their secondary schooling.

A strong network of support is put in place to ensure our students feel happy at school and take full advantage of the opportunities available to them. Teachers of Year 7 students meet regularly to ensure consistency in curriculum design and that student outcomes are of the highest standard.

Our staff are highly trained, professional and understand the balance between the care required and the academic expectations necessary for students entering their high school years. 

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High school is better than primary school because you can move to different classes and we now have better opportunities like woodwork, metalwork, science, mechanics and more. It’s also fun because we get our own lockers. I like high school not just because we get more things to do. It’s because I get to see my old friends that were in my primary school.


- Hunter (Year 7)

Tyson Biffin

Year 7 Manager

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