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Healesville High School is a medium sized co-educational school uniquely positioned in the beautiful Yarra Valley. With a dedicated professional team of teachers and support staff, our school fosters personalised attention for students which develops their talents and abilities in an environment that emphasises high expectations, co-operation and trust.

Our school is small enough to achieve the personalisation that allows staff and students to develop positive relationships in a friendly and supportive learning environment. This creates a sense of belonging and community which translates into collective pride and high achievement.

At Healesville High School we provide a broad curriculum and co-curricular programs that value excellence and encourage all students to achieve their best. Through this approach we meet the diverse needs of our students, who enter their chosen learning pathway and are supported to achieve their goals.

To ensure that the learning needs of our students are met, the school is divided into two sub-schools – Junior and Senior and small groups of students are cared for by a significant teacher. The staff and students are supported by Heads of School, Year Level Managers, a Director of Student Engagement and Wellbeing, Welfare Support Staff and Career Counsellors. Our supportive structures ensure that each student has the best chance to achieve their potential and to be happy at school.

At Healesville High we actively seek the contribution and involvement of our community. We work co-operatively with families, community groups, businesses and educational partners to create the best possible learning experiences for our students. In this way we support and assist them to grow into confident young adults, capable of making a significant impact upon the community they serve. Our long list of successful past students is testament to this. 

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