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Year 9 students are encouraged to confidently participate in a variety of options open to them, with a strong focus upon the key learning areas. Students are offered a tailored curriculum that has been developed co-operatively by teachers and students.


Building upon experiences from Year 8, students continue to develop community links outside of the classroom and expand upon these to develop a better understanding of local and global issues. We work closely with the Foundation of Young Australians and the Reach Foundation to better facilitate understanding and emphasise the importance of leadership and community awareness. We guide and assist our students to lead social change and become active citizens in making such change.


Year 9 students are encouraged to develop a focused approach to learning, to become more goal orientated, to understand their place within the world of change and to positively influence that change. Students are positioned for future success as they enter the later years of their education at Healesville High School. Academic excellence is at the forefront of our work at Year 9 and across the school.

Click here to download our Year 9 Handbook

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