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School camps are an important part of life at Healesville High School. Students in Year 7, 8 and 9 attend a camp with other members of their year level. Each year these camps are planned depending on the particular needs of the students and we ensure camps offer variety and that they also facilitate important learning for all students.


In Year 10-12, students have the opportunity to study Outdoor Education and Environmental Studies. This program is a particular strength of our school and is highly regarded for the exceptional experiences it offers our students. Students participate in adventure camps that provide them with an appreciation for a range of outdoor and recreational activities, as well as developing their understanding of our environment. These activities include; surfing, hiking, rock climbing, mountain bike riding, cross country skiing and snorkelling. 


International and interstate camps are a highlight of our school year. We run a biennial World Challenge expedition which involves students selecting the country they will visit, fundraising and being involved in a community program in that country,  supporting locals. Past trips have been to India, Nepal, Borneo and Vietnam. These expeditions encourage independence, cultural awareness, teamwork and they challenge students to operate outside their comfort zone.


We have a sister school relationship with Osaka Business Frontier High School in Japan. Every two years we host a group of students from Osaka and on the alternate year our students travel to Japan. This program builds strong connections between students and life-long friendships are created, as well as an awareness of another culture and a love of travel.


Students in our music program have the opportunity to involve themselves in biennial trips. Students play in front of international audiences and often participate in international music competitions. This is a highlight for music students.

Our 2018 trip was to New Zealand and our 2020 trip was planned to tour and play in London and Paris. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic this trip had to be cancelled.

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