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Students at Healesville High School are able to involve themselves broadly in artistic endeavours. We are extremely proud of the extensive artistic program and the success students have achieved in this area.


Our students have the opportunity to learn an instrument and to be a valued member of one of the many bands and ensembles, including the Rookie Band, Rising Stars Band, Legends Band and Brass Ensemble. Lessons are provided by the passionate and capable music department, led by the Music Co-ordinator, Ms Amanda Morrison.

As part of this program, students participate in a range of in-school and community based performances. In 2019 our Legends Band was awarded a Gold Medal at the Victorian School Music Festival and on an annual basis many students are selected to perform at the North Eastern Victoria Region Youth Concert at Hamer Hall. The Music Program also provides opportunities for students to go on music tours, with the USA and New Zealand being two of the major tours in recent years.  


The music program develops students’ discipline, engages their passion and helps them feel connected to students from different year levels. Healesville High School music students can opt to study VCE music, enabling them to unite their passion with their academic studies.


In addition to music, we are also proud of the wonderful visual arts program, and in particular, our 'Art Factory'. Students have the chance to study a range of art subjects as part of their regular program and they can also opt to engage in additional art-based activities outside of their regular schedule. We have a designated exhibition space and students work throughout the year to develop unique and engaging exhibits, culminating in an annual art show. Students are guided by enthusiastic and talented art teachers and they learn how to work with others and to develop their ability to express themselves through artistic endeavours.

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