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Students at Year 10 are given access to an increased number of curriculum opportunities as they begin exploring pathways leading to educational and career choices beyond secondary school.


Students are challenged to be effective, disciplined and collaborative learners and are given extensive career, wellbeing and course counselling support.


High achieving Year 10 students are able to select more advanced units of study and many enrol in either a Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) or a Vocational Education and Training (VET) subject. At Year 10 a far greater emphasis is placed on career planning and students will be guided by the Careers Action Pathways program administered by our Careers team. 


Year 10 students are strongly encouraged to undertake senior leadership roles in areas such as ‘Student Voice’, peer support coaching, band and ensemble captaincy, house captaincy and sports coaching. We are justifiably proud of the leadership and community spirit displayed by our Year 10 students.

Click here to download our Year 10 Handbook

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