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We have a strong culture of student leadership at Healesville High School. School Captains are an integral part of this; they not only contribute to school decisions, but they are also excellent role models for all students. Their focus for 2023 is leading our reinvigorated Student Representative Council and finding ways to further create a sense of connection and pride within the school. 


The Sport, Music and Art captains contribute significantly to their respective programs, with one of the key leadership roles being engaging students in a range of extra-curricular activities, all aimed at making our school a better place.


The Student Representative Council consists of representatives from each year level. Working collectively, this group support their School Captains to plan and implement many programs and strategies to improve our school, connect students and have fun along the way!


Our Leos Club is comprised of passionate student members who work with, and are mentored by, the Healesville Lions Club. We are really proud of this affiliation with the Lions Club and we greatly appreciate the mentoring their members provide our students. As a group, the Leos work on school-based and community wide projects and students develop important skills in organisation and the satisfaction of working to support others.


We regularly identify students with leadership capacity and we engage these students in leadership camps, leadership conferences and school-based forums.


Students and parents regularly comment on the abundance of opportunities available for students wishing to challenge themselves and develop their capacity to be effective leaders.

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