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At Healesville High School Year 11 & 12 is structured in such a way that students are able to undertake the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE), the Victorian Certificate of Education Vocational Major (VCE VM), Vocational Education and Training (VET) or a combination of these courses. We offer a broad range of subject choices; from Mathematics and Sciences to the Arts, Outdoor Education, Physical Education and Health. Vocational Education and Training incorporates study and work place training designed to equip students with key competencies and vocational work place readiness. The Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning is a hands-on course designed for students interested in entering the workforce and commencing an apprenticeship or traineeship upon completion of secondary schooling. These courses provide students with broad alternatives for post-secondary studies and diverse career pathways.

Academic rigour, personal responsibility and initiative are crucial to success in Year 11 & 12. A team approach emphasising mutual support exists at Healesville High School, both within the student body and between students and staff. This culture of shared responsibility greatly benefits and encourages students in their endeavours.


Students are offered extensive careers counselling provided by the Careers Action Pathways Program and the Careers team. The Senior School team also offer significant course counselling, study skills guidance and personal wellbeing support.


Students have the opportunity to access study skills workshops, holiday revision and examination preparation classes, individual tutoring, motivational sessions and after-school Mathematics and English Club gatherings.


Collaborative partnerships between students, staff and families strengthen even further as every effort is made to support students in their quest for success.


Healesville High School has an enviable record for preparing and positioning students for their future; our past students have achieved outstanding academic and career success in an incredibly diverse range of pursuits.

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